let's see if this work this time

2015-12-15 19:07:56 by skygears

after a year of practice let's see if i can do something with my life, let's see if my dreams will be stay as just that.. dreams


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2015-12-15 20:15:02


skygears responds:

i didn't expect any respond thanks for the chuckle haha


2015-12-26 21:24:32

Your welcome.If you need anything,please feel free to ask!

skygears responds:

thanks! i actually have a question

is there still a community here in Newgrounds?

how can i find people that share my same hobby and shit?


2016-01-07 20:04:31

Yep,there's always one!You can try the forums and look for the the subject you want to share!