Don't Let Your Dreams Be Memes

2016-05-26 14:25:05 by skygears

since last January i started to put the effort into my draws every day doing some daily homework to improve, i know the road can be lonely and you can feel like your are doing a lot of work for nothing but this can feel more bearable with company

If anybody want practice together PM me, we can help each other to get better

after a year of practice let's see if i can do something with my life, let's see if my dreams will be stay as just that.. dreams

i still a live

2014-04-09 03:21:11 by skygears

well... this is awkward (write this to nobody), but i wasn't uploading anything in a long time, new draws and animation coming soon... ok the animation will take a little more longer until i have more free time xD